Who We Are?

Gems- a word that brings bright smiles with and glitters eyes and deep longing sighs. From an ancient time, there are evidences of gems in the form of precious crude metals and stones were collected and considered to be forms of splendour. Neel Gems Testing Laboratory is famous for testing the quality of gemstones for a long time. Neel desires to expand with the controlled value of gems and to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Neel Diamonds is known for its perfection in testing and certification.

Our History

India, over the past years has been one of the main trade centers for jewellery and gemstones. Neel Gems Testing Lab was established in the year 2012 and is one of the leading Service Provider of Research Development. We have spent many years researching the industry practices and supply chains and as our awareness grew, so did our passion. As the market bloomed along with many new gemstones, synthetics and range of treated products started flooding the market and hereafter, various analytical and advance methods of gemstones identification started to replace the traditional and standard old methods. With the increase in awareness for the new kind of stimulants and synthetics, the traders from all over the world started demanding the official authenticity certificates. Hence, with the arduous efforts of few honourable members of this trade, Neel Gems Testing Laboratory came into existence in 2012.

Our Strengths

The Neel Gems Testing Laboratory is one of Gujarat’s premier and best-known gemstones testing laboratory and known for the divinity of gemstones. We are on the edge of major opportunity. The key strength of Neel Diamonds and testing Lab is that the owner is itself a certified Gemmologist.

Why Us?

- High class quality products that last for lifetime.
- Seasoned business professional and sound management team.
- Products with approved degree of certification.
- Identification of gemstones using advanced laser technology.
- Value Addition Programme-Loyalty and Genuine Programme.
- Customer Service Excellence in time and care.
- Security for customer jewellery and banking tie-up.

Key To Our Sucess

- 100% sanctity of gemstones.
- The key to Neel’s success includes studying gem quality and implementing effective strategies.
- Effective market utilization by targeting customer satisfaction.
- Advanced methods of gem identification.
- High range of quality products at affordable prices.

How We Do?

Our Vision

We believe in purity and quality of the gems, with the long lasting relation of the customer with the Neel family. Neel family takes privilege in serving the requests of our customers. We want to be one of the leading traders of choice branded gems, by building a strong everlasting relationship with customers that reflects our utmost devotion towards work.

Our Company Mission

Sanctity and purity of Gems reflects on the certificate provided by us.
We want to provide certificate of purity and quality of gemstones that will last you a lifetime, capturing the timeless elegance of the finest minded gems and quality precious metals.

Value Statement

Our value statement comprehends divinity and purity of the GEMS. Customer satisfaction as our main strength. With the occurrence of new technology we believe in providing 100% pure gemstones by testing it through our laboratory. We believe in maintaining healthy and long lasting customer relations by keeping our organization values.